Personal Trainer Pyrmont

Looking for an experienced Personal Trainer in Pyrmont who has a range of fitness solutions to choose from?  

Personal Training in Pyrmont is available from Pyrmont local personal trainer Nathan Maurice.

Nathan has been training the residents of Pyrmont since 2008 and runs kettlebell classes, bootcamps, one on one sessions, group PT sessions and corporate group fitness classes.  

Nathan offers such services as:

  • Corporate Fitness Classes
  • Weight Loss 
  • Event Preparation 
  • Sport Specific 
  • Boxing Training 
  • Injury Prevention 
  • Kettlebells 
  • Kick Boxing 

Pyrmont Personal Fitness Training solutions

“Personal Training in Pyrmont is available from local Pyrmont trainer Nathan Maurice”

I offer group Personal training in the busy times of the morning, evening and lunch times.

If you would like to know more about personal training with me in Pyrmont, please call me on – 0401245456. I have range of fitness options available with in the local area and have been training groups, individuals and companies in the area for over 3 years.

PT on a budget

If you are on a tight budget you can consider joining my boot camp or group personal training sessions. I strive to deliver an awesome fitness experience and employ the use of kettlebells, med balls, dumbbells and the local environment to get you working at your highest capacity, whilst identifying any links in your chain that may need flexibility/mobility or strengthening.

Nutritional Advice

I am able to help people with their nutrition whether it be for weight loss, sports performance/weight gain or metabolic function.

My experience both as a PT with over 10,000 hours actual PT training time, working with the 1000′s of people I have trained as well as my commitment to my own personal fitness has given the experience, insight and knowledge to help people achieve their goals.

Check out my testimonials for your self to hear what others have had to say about training with me.

If you are interested in personal training in Pyrmont feel free to give me a call and meet up for a no obligation chat about what I believe would be the best option for you.

To contact me call 0401245456 email me at or use the form below.

Have a healthy day!

Nate :)


Benefits of Doing an Exercise Class

with a Pyrmont Personal Trainer


Exercise classes are for everybody willing to work out, independently of one’s history in the field. Whether a trainee has done physical exercises before or not, there are programs that meet every person’s expectations and capabilities. We are all different in what body, sports preferences and strengths are concerned. And as a personal trainer in Pyrmont I believe we ought to be aware of this aspect when creating alternative exercise sets and fitness tests.


A regular exerciser gains “a fine fettle”, as fitness fans like to say. A good shape and a healthy body are the major benefits of physical exercising. Of course, new members are taking great pains at first, but eventually they manage to get into it.


Most of the trainees appreciate a lot working out in a team. It is lots of fun and refreshing, as it is challenging. New entries need to put up with the experience and shape other colleagues have previously gained, but once into it, there will be infinite fun.


Personal Training Benefits

The benefits of doing exercise classes in Pyrmont are mainly body-related. The health of the cardiovascular system and muscular mass is involved, as well as bone flexibility and strength. At the same time, sports favor the brain’s aeration – that is oxygenation at a molecular and cellular level – fighting efficiently everyday stress and maintaining a personal good mood. This is the reason why physical exercises induce also emotional, social and mental health.

Physical exercise also prevents aging and other severe issues triggered by an improper lifestyle or genetic health condition”


 If these advantages are not motivating enough, then perhaps a trained instructor should convince occasional participants to continue with the workout classes they have chosen. We are all aware that motivation is a difficult thing to inspire, but keep in mind that Pyrmont Personal Training and exercise classes benefit you more than you could ever realize.